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JAPO Motorsport GmbH was founded in 2006. From the beginning we were focused on one car, the Mitsubishi Evolution, with high potential for racing and rallye purposes. The first rebuilt of a basic car was done by plug and play, but every significant technical detail was of importance for us. A different approach compared to a lot of tuning companies in the world. As a result we were able to present our first prototype during Tuning World Bodensee 2007 together with TOYO TIRES. This was an important step for a longer term partnership during different shows between the two companies.

Year by year our work shop was growing and the equipment was improved. In 2008 JAPO Motorsport GmbH became official partner of Mitsubishi Motors in Germany. Based on this cooperation we developed for the Mitsubishi Evolution our clubsport concept. We finalized rather individual customer orders and consequently Mitsubishi Evolution Clubsport is one of our main activities until today. Several potential customers wanted a clubsport version for their own cars, but not only Mitsubishi type. Therefore we decided to move our activities into a new facility with more space and better equipment as before to optimize the cars in a motorsport environment.

For the start-up of the new workshop we presented our well known Nissan Skyline R34 GTR JAPO Spec. This fantastic car has in the meantime a worldwide acceptance and a lot of press releases pushed our sales efforts and the name of JAPO Motorsport GmbH as a company with focus on detailed work and quality based performance. The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR JAPO Spec was not only a demo car. We did a lot of testing to find out further improvements to offer to our customer the highest performance level possible with ongoing improvements to really sell a super sportscar.

In the future we plan worldwide sales activities for our clubsport versions for different car types and the development of an extreme race car prototype.

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