The JAPO Motorsport Evo Wagon LHD

JAPO Motorsport offers its customers legendary Japanese supercars in new car condition, equipped with the latest technology and upgraded to specs which never existed before.

With the 10th company anniversary the German company reveals its newest high class creation. The all new JAPO Motorsport 10th anniversary edition Evo Wagon LHD. That rare super car is best known to car enthusiasts all over the world but was unfortunately just sold as a right hand drive version. JAPO Motorsport now offers this excellent car also with the left hand drive conversion. Without losing the Motorsport heritage JAPO Motorsport equipped the car with high end Multimedia and all necessary daily driver advantages.


All cars are completely rebuild after the body was cleaned in a soda bath and coated in a special primer bath. The coating guarantees a long lifetime without corrosion or other unwished side effects caused by weather.

This operation assures that all JAPO Motorsport build cars leave the factory in a new car condition. Due to this excessive way of rebuilding the cars any wishes in painting are realizable and the level of individuality has nearly no limits.

Also the technical side of the 10th anniversary Evo Wagon is state of the art. Engine, transmission and all other power train units are brand new and just products from the best Japanese tuners find the way in the JAPO Motorsport cars.

If you are interested in one of 10th anniversary edition Evo Wagon, please use the contact form below. We would be more then happy to welcome you as a new member in the JAPO Motorsport family.

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