JAPO Spec R34 GT-R


The JAPO Spec is a modern interpretation of the legendary Nissan Skyline R34 GTR:

Enthusiasts from all over the World are now able to order this one of a kind car.

The carefully chosen basic cars are meticulously stripped down to the bare shell and  soda cleaned.  The chassis is then re-welded and primed for long life expectancy.

The sealing offers a perfect basis for a first-class paint job. Because of the extensive restoration every colour request can be realised. Naturally the whole vehicle will be painted from head to toe in the same quality everywhere. That makes it possible that even the underbody can look extremely sexy. 

The interior parts are packed into a new, but still classic design, only after every part was carefully inspected.  Multimedia units are then exchanged for the most up to date technology available.

The JAPO Spec also has a completely new electronics system. The in-house built wiring loom guarantees that in the future there will be no age related problems due to corrosion. Hardware like the ECU and body controller are exchanged for more modern units.


The JAPO Spec car should not be compared with the Stock R34 GTR. The outstanding  engine is from JAPO’s technical partner Tomei  and the suspension and brakes also come from JAPO partners. Öhlins did a great job setting up the suspension so that the car handles perfectly. The brakes made by Performance Friction offer the best in road use and performance braking.

If you are interested in such an outstanding car, please use the contact form below. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the JAPO family.


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